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International students in UK higher education: the UK and its competition

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. (2014) International students in UK higher education: the UK and its competition . , ( ). pp. 1-41.


The fourth in Universities UK’s series 'The funding environment for universities 2014', this report focuses specifically on international (non-European Union) students and examines recent trends in international student enrolments in the UK. The report sets these trends within the context of an increasingly competitive market internationally, and assesses the potential impact of recent changes on universities, in terms of both course provision and the wider funding environment. After a drop in enrolments over the past few years, evidence obtained from Universities UK members’ institutions suggests a more positive picture could be starting to emerge in 2014. However, as the report highlights, international higher education is an increasingly competitive market, and the UK’s competitors are implementing bold strategies and policies, backed by investment, in an attempt to attract more international students to their own universities.
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Generic Themes > International
Economic and social context of higher education > Global competition
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29 Sep 2014
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