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Herding cats? Management and university performance

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McCormack, J, Propper, C and Smith, S. (2014) Herding cats? Management and university performance . The Economic Journal, 124 (578). pp. 534-564.


Using a tried and tested measure of management practices that has been shown to predict firm performance, nearly 250 departments across 100+ UK universities were surveyed. It was found that there were large differences in management scores across universities and that departments in older, research intensive universities scored higher than departments in newer, more teaching-oriented universities. It was also found that management matters in universities. The scores, particularly with respect to provision of incentives for staff recruitment, retention and promotion are correlated with both teaching and research performance conditional on resources and past performance. Moreover, this relationship holds for all universities, not just research-intensive ones.
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Institutional management, staffing and finance > Leadership
McCormack, J, Propper, C and Smith, S
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The Economic Journal
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28 Aug 2014
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