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Learning from a wiki way of learning

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Page, K and Reynolds, N,. (2014) Learning from a wiki way of learning . Studies in Higher Education, ( ). pp. 1-27.


This paper reports the findings from a case study involving 58 postgraduate students who in small groups participated over eight weeks in a mediated, collaborative writing project with and through wiki contexts. The project was not assessed but designed for task-based domain learning. Evaluation of the project was conducted using data drawn from multiple sources collected before, during and after the project. Findings show that participation in the project had a positive relationship with student exam performance, and web familiarity. Patterns of individual and group wiki project participation, and gender differences in participation, are discussed.
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Curriculum (including learning, teaching and assessment) > Pedagogic approaches
Page, K and Reynolds, N,
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Studies in Higher Education
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20 Aug 2014
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