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University offer rates for candidates from different ethnic categories

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Noden, P, Shiner, M and Modood, T. (2014) University offer rates for candidates from different ethnic categories . Oxford Review of Education, 40 (3). pp. 349-369.


Previous research suggested that candidates from some black and minority ethnic groups were less likely to receive an offer of a place from an ‘old’ university. These findings were disputed in a re-analysis carried out for HEFCE which found that only Pakistani candidates were significantly less likely to receive offers (from both ‘old’ and ‘new’ universities). In this paper the question of ethnic differences in university offer rates is again examined, examining UCAS admissions data for 2008. A cross-classified multi-level modelling approach is used to predict the probability that applications from candidates from different ethnic groups will receive an offer. Controlling for variables seeking to capture the academic quality of applications significant differences between offer rates for different ethnic groups are found. Significantly lower offer rates remained for the main ethnic groups when social characteristics were also taken into account in the model (social class background, gender and school type). However, offer rates for candidates from mixed ethnic groups were not significantly different from those for white British candidates. The analysis did not find evidence of differences in offer rates from higher and lower status institutions for black and minority ethnic candidates relative to white British applicants.
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Access and widening participation > Admissions policies, practices and supporting infrastructure
Noden, P, Shiner, M and Modood, T
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Oxford Review of Education
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8 Aug 2014
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